Our quality firewood at the best prices.

Rate valid until 31/05/23 with immediate delivery.

Rate valid until 31/03/23 with immediate delivery. 
All our wood is air-dried on our premises for 2 years to ensure the best efficiency - No kiln-dried wood. 
Semi-dry wood rates below * (+40 to 60€/palette for dry wood depending on the region). 
Cut 30/35cm: approximately 3 steres per pallet, about 2 cubic meters. 
Also available in 45/50cm cut at the same pallet price. 
Product from certified eco-managed forests. 
100% BELGIAN product also available.

Delivery included with a heavy-duty pallet jack.

The main wood species used are ash, hornbeam, oak, and beech. 
Birch is also available.

1 pallets


2 pallets


3 pallets


4 pallets


5 pallets

Price per pallet

6 pallets

Price per pallet

* Delivery included in Hainaut 7xxx. ADDITIONAL FIXED FEE UPON REQUEST FOR WALLOON BRABANT, BRUSSELS, CHARLEROI, NAMUR, AND NORTHERN FRANCE ** Price per stere calculated based on 2m³ pallets in 30cm. Delivery by truck with a heavy-duty pallet jack, additional fee based on quantity for crane truck.

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