Compressed wood

Why use it ?

Some good reasons to use densified wood:

  • 100 % natural
  • Heating value 3 to 4 times higher than traditional wood.
  • Storage volume reduced by 4 (indoor storage recommended to protect against humidity).
  • Clean, as it comes in 10 kg packs and produces minimal ash.
  • Easy handling due to its packaging.

Not perforated

  • Pallet of 112 packs of 10 kg each
  • Pack of 6 logs: 100% pressed wood shavings without additives
  • Price delivered per pallet: 4.25€ per 10 kg pack, total 476.00€
  • Price per pack when picking up 20 packs: 4.35€ per pack
  • Price delivered starting from 2 pallets: 3.95€ per 10 kg pack, total 442.40€

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